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Irish Premiere

Smashed to Pieces

La Belle Meunière & La Poétique des Signes (FR)

Theatre & Dance

An old Grandmother's prized dresser suffers a fierce and joyful massacre in this hilarious show by renowned French performers Pierre Meunier and Raphaël Cottin.

The famed pair form a tragi-comic duo reminiscent of such silent era greats as Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Laurel and Hardy. As the hapless removal men bring out the beautiful and carefully wrapped piece of antique furniture for delivery - their Id’s suddenly take over. They abandon all sense of responsibility or professionalism, and a wild and hysterically inventive dismantling takes place.

Once the dust settles, Director Marguerite Bordat, in a soothing, almost archaeological meticulousness, invites spectators to come closer, bask in the aftermath, and take part in pleasingly redundant attempts to undo the destruction.

In this touching performance, somewhere between delicacy and brutality, Smashed to Pieces reminds us that nothing is ever really lost – even if it’s changed forever.

"A surprisingly joyful axe massacre”
La Croix

Age recommendation: 8+

Supported By

By and with: Marguerite Bordat, Raphaël Cottin and Pierre Meunier
Thanks to: Frédéric Kunze and Hans Kunze
Administration: Caroline Tigeot
Sales manager: Céline Aguillon - Lise Daynac

Commissioned by SACD/Festival d’Avignon and Théâtre de la Bastille

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